What We Do

Instar Performance works at the root cause level to ensure lasting change and superior performance results. Based upon the tenets of cognitive science, Instar Performance translates complex scientific principles into accessible, proven techniques to promote growth and change in our lives, companies and communities.

Instar Performance CEO Cathy Crosslin and her team have partnered with clients for over 20 years delivering proven methods that elevate achievement and promote transformational change. Through her steadfast support of cultural leaders in athletics, global business, social service, and beyond––Crosslin and her team have remained at the forefront of organizational development, leadership training, professional coaching and personal growth.

At Instar we design and deliver solutions for each of our client partners so they can curate the untapped potential of individuals, teams and organizations. We work with clients to:

  • Think Efficaciously toward Change, Achievement, and Finding Purpose
  • Elevate Leadership and Influence at all levels
  • Create Unprecedented Employee Engagement and Collaboration
  • Turn Customer Service Departments into Revenue Generating Teams
  • Produce Record Breaking Environmental Health and Safety Platforms
  • Improve Athletic Performance and Mental Resilience
  • Building Winning Teams and Coaches
  • Develop and Sustain a Culture of Quality Excellence

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