Facilitator Certification Disclaimer

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Please contact us to find out about a Breaking Barriers, Framework for Recovery or Seeds of Success Certification event near you.

All Instar Performance programs must be administered by an Instar Performance Certified Facilitator, Master Facilitator or an approved and Certified Strategic Partner.

The Instar Performance Facilitator Certification Program is an intensive training process taught by Instar Performance Master Facilitators. This intensive preparation combines Instars’ proprietary curriculum of cognitive behavioral concepts, guided techniques, interactive seminars, facilitation-skills education, and candidate performance assessments.

Our Facilitator Certification is consistent with our commitment to excellence and best practices. The rigor associated with our certification process assures the best possible results for all facilitator candidates so they can best accommodate the unique needs of their clients, teams and organizations.

*Instar Performance Certified Facilitators must comply with Instar Performance “Certification Maintenance Requirements” to maintain active certification status. We reserve the right to augment these requirements, should it be necessary.

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