Coaching Session: Catherine Crosslin

Length of session 30 minutes

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Cathy Crosslin is Owner & CEO of Instar Performance, an internationally recognized personal and organizational development company. Ms. Crosslin has global reputation as a dynamic, inspiring and influential presenter, consultant and coach. Instar’s techniques & curricula are firmly grounded in Cognitive Science. Client results are measured in millions of dollars to bottom-line results.

People who work with Ms. Crosslin call her a “maker of champions.” She is inspiring and experienced; she drives unsurpassed personal and organizational results. Clients include Fortune 50 companies, Global Leadership Teams, C-Suite executives, professional athletes and the criminal justice system. Ms. Crosslin and her team are consult to executives around the world including China, France, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, India, Canada and the Netherlands.

Instar’s impact extends far beyond people’s careers and into their personal lives; improving life satisfaction, deepening relationships and releasing individual potential. The engaging and interactive facilitation and coaching techniques help clients challenge deeply held beliefs and habits that inhibit growth, achievement and success.

In the world of athletics Ms. Crosslin is known as a “Coach’s Coach.” She brings years of experience as a coach and athlete to her work. Professional and college athletes and coaches who work with her improve their mental tenacity and focus, increase confidence and motivation, and improve game-time performance.

Prior to founding Instar, Ms. Crosslin spent 15 years at Gordon Graham & Co., Inc. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Whitman College; and an M.Ed. from Western Washington University. She coached WBB at each Alma Mater: Sehome, Western and Whitman.

Expertise: Organizational Culture, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Employee Engagement, Athletics, Motivation, Women’s Issues, Public Speaking, Facilitation, Team Building, Corrections, Communication, Belief-based Initiatives.


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