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Eva Anderson has worked as a product and content development specialist for over 15 years across various industries including Lifestyle, Professional Development, Children & Juvenile Products, Housewares, and Apparel. Her collaboration with Instar Performance has expanded existing initiatives and inspired new program platforms in Personal and Professional Development. Additionally, she is a Master Facilitator for several programs offered through Instar’s Corporate Culture and Corrections Divisions.

After earning her Business Administration degree, with a concentration in Economics and Philosophy from Russell Sage College in New York State, Eva worked in Higher Education and Small Business Management. After several years she left the corporate environment to leverage her project management and business development skills in private enterprise. She serves as President for two different product development organizations, which she helped form and grow, and is Managing Partner of a third, Anderson Sommers, LLC a merchandising and marketing consulting group. She is currently completing her MBA with a concentration in Human Performance and Human Resources and works primarily in content development and program facilitation.

She is the recipient of several product awards including the Oppenheim Gold Seal, Oppenheim SNAP, Oppenheim Platinum, Parent’s Choice Award and the Good Housekeeping Top Product Award. Several of her products have been featured on national television and in national publications. Ms. Anderson’s diverse experience in developing products over different industries, both mass and specialty markets, is the linchpin corroborating her intimate knowledge of the changing landscape of global business in the 21st century. Eva is a passionate innovator whose career has evolved through cultivating better products, people, and organizations.

Eva and husband Patrick have been married since 1992 and live in Saratoga Springs, NY with their two sons, Allan and Tommy.


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