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Positive change is a process of evolution and growth. While some changes happen rapidly, lasting improvements require a disciplined approach and a shift in thinking. At Instar Performance, we focus on transformation and growth rather than instant change.

Our name – Instar Performance – embodies this commitment to growth, transformation and results. Caterpillars mature through a series of stages called “instars” in their transformation to a butterfly. In the final instar, they develop their wings. Instar Performance was developed with the idea that with the right tools and a focused mentality, one can transform one’s life significantly, just like the caterpillar to the butterfly.

Many people believe that focusing on improving behaviors is enough to create great results in life and in business. Cognitive Science proves that excellence requires more than the right behaviors. True excellence, satisfaction, happiness, starts at the belief level. The way that we think dictates our performance. Thoughts accumulate to build our beliefs. Beliefs build behaviors and habits, and these behaviors lead to results.

At Instar Performance, we teach powerful strategies for growth. You will see the world through a new lens and see how your thought patterns directly affect the outcome of your life. By altering the way you think, you can change your habits and behaviors to create the level of excellence you desire. Establish a new thought process and realize a drastic difference in the end result of your behaviors.

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